About Me

Gardening is in my roots.    

I am a Hmong daughter, born in a refugee camp.  My parents grew up as farmers in the mountains of Laos. “Nia” means mom in my native language (“Niam” in Hmong). 

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and lived in the city.  As a child, I gardened with my family. My first memory of gardening was at a shared community garden.  We lived in an apartment building but had a little parcel under the St. Johns Bridge which we tended to in the evenings. This is one of my fondest childhood memories.

When my parents bought their first home, we built our first garden.  We tilled the land by hand, and carefully planted all of our favorite vegetables. Through the growing months, these were the staples of our meals.

After I started my own family, my parents helped me set up my first garden.  Over the years I have simplified the growing process and love to share how easy it is to keep a garden, feed my family healthy fruits and vegetables and truly enjoy time in the garden.

Raising my children on an acre over the last 20 years has also helped me to be efficient in managing our land and my flower gardens. I look forward to sharing these seasonal, as well as, daily tasks on my blog.

And…during the day, I help manage and run a landscape company as well!

I hope my tips will help you to simplify and love your garden as much as I do!

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